LUUP is Your One-Stop-Shop

LUUP is a leading provider of merchant services for internet and e-commerce businesses, dedicated to creating fast, simple and super efficient payment experiences for merchants and buyers. Whether someone wants to make a payment via a desktop, tablet, mobile device or e-wallet our wide range of local payment methods and understanding of data and analytics makes it fast, simple and secure. Using our machine learning v-bOt™technology you have access to an array of innovative and international payments that can help increase your payment authorisations by 20%, reduce your chargeback fraud by 50% and unlock business growth into new markets quickly.

We are a tight-knit team of data architects, engineers and entrepreneurs with a passion for online payments. In past lives, we've worked on e-commerce, analytics, site conversions, mobile payments, speech recognition, call centres, IVR, premium rate, SMS, text recognition, and more. Together we create excellent consumer experiences by focusing on being a dynamic and innovative place to work, taking complex technology and presenting simple solutions for our customers.

v-bOt technologyv-bOt™ technology

Our v-bOt technology enables us to make smarter decisions faster. v-bOt creates algorithms and mathematical formulas to learn from data and predict future scenarios.

v-bOt can make split second decisions on whether to accept, block, or re-route a transaction to ensure high authorisations and low chargebacks.

ChargebackChargeback interception

v-bOt combined with our global network of card issuers and online merchants helps us prevent chargebacks and reduce fraud by closing the information gap between the card issuers and merchants, empowering us to capture chargebacks in realtime before they are presented to the bank.

Easy IntegrationEasy Integration

Integration based on RESTful open API architecture, is rapid and simple. Innovative open payment technology connects payment service providers to an extensive global payment network via a single integration.

Global CoverageGlobal Coverage

We enable payment providers to act locally. With a payment network that includes a wide range of local alternative payment methods as well as card acquirers allowing you to transact globally.


Protect sensitive shopper data by replacing it with a reference number, or “token.” Safely save the token for later use, making all payments more secure and one-click checkout or recurring billing simpler.

Recurring billingRecurring billing

Create a flexible and secure recurring billing process that allows the frequency and transaction amount of purchases to vary, and uses tokenization to protect sensitive shopper data.

PCI CompliantPCI Compliant

PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance. By using LUUP, you will be compliant with the strictest PCI requirements to protect your customer’s data.

World Class 24/7  supportWorld Class 24/7 support

Our Concierge team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you are lacking resources to manage your back office our dedicated accounts managers are here to help you. Our Concierge team has a deep understanding of merchant bank rules and chargeback procedures and can free up your time to build your business.

Online businesses love LUUP

Reduced chargebacks by 53%
15% impact on bottom line
Increased authorisations by 28%
13% impact on bottom line
Undercover Protect
Increased authorisations by 17%
9% impact on bottom line




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