China Union Pay (Bank Transfer)

The only bankcard organisation in China

China Union Pay is the only interbank network in China. It links the ATMs of 14 major banks and of many other smaller banks throughout the country. CUP is the only entity able to process credit and debit card transactions in RMB.

Although it has the smallest market share of online payments in China, Union Pay is the largest card scheme globally. In fact, around 30% of all cards in circulation around the world are CUP cards.

CUP offers two key integrations:

  • SecurePay (also known as UPOP): which gives users the option to pay by various underlying payment methods via a fully authenticated redirect. There is no possibility of chargebacks with the method as it is fully secure, but it cannot be used for recurring billing.
  • Expresspay: for recurring payments, a very popular payment method in China as it is in the EU and USA.

With China Union Pay, merchants can process domestic and cross-border payments, which can be facilitated with any Union Pay issued card.