v-bOt™ Technology

v-bOt™Using our machine learning v-bOt™ technology you have access to an array of innovative and international payments that can help increase your payment authorisations by 20% and reduce your chargeback fraud by 50%.


Our v-bOt™ technology enables us to make smarter decisions faster. v-bOt™ creates algorithms and mathematical formulas to learn from data and predict future scenarios. v-bOt™ can make split second decisions on whether to accept, block, or re-route a transaction to ensure high authorisations and low chargebacks.


Combined with our global network of card issuers and online merchants, v-bOt™ helps us prevent chargebacks and reduce fraud by closing the information gap between the card issuers and merchants, empowering us to capture chargebacks in realtime before they are presented to the bank.


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