Cashless Week in China

Cashless Week in China runs from August 1st to August 8th.  During this time, Alipay will encourage Chinese citizens to participate in “cashless city construction”. This event is a promotion from the Alibaba group, and is part of the end goal of creating a completely cash free nation within 5 years....

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WeChat Pay Announces Cross Border eCommerce Platform

WeChat Pay has announced the launch of it’s open platform for overseas merchants. The announcement came in Tokyo in July at the WeChat Pay Overseas Open Conference What is WeChat Pay? Put simply, it is the payment feature of the WeChat social platform. It allows users to pay with the smartphones in...

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The Galapagos Flip Phones of Japan

 In Japan in the early 2000s, their ultraadvanced flip phones allowed users to do everything from watch TV to paying at most stores. But because the phones were so advanced, Japan was slow to adopt smartphones.  These flip phones are still commonly used in Japan and referred to as Galapagos phones,...

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Nature of Payments & eCommerce: Thailand vs Vietnam

Thailand is a densely populated country with a population of around 66 million people. Political instability has damaged economic growth of the country in the last few years. Two-thirds of the GDP come from exports of rubber, rice, cars and electronics. Vietnam is one of the countries with the large...

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UnionPay Launches SecurePlus for CUP Cards Online

ACI Worldwide, a real-time electronic payment provider, and Planet Payment, who process multi-currency & international payments have come together to launch UnionPay International’s SecurePlus.       This new set of solutions to allow UnionPay cards to be accepted online without b...

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How China Has Abandoned Cash

Just a few short years ago, cash was king in China. Nowadays, ewallets like AliPay and WeChat reign. In the west, consumers are only just starting to get comfortable with using ewallets in brick and mortar shops, rather than just online. Meanwhile in China, a store clerk will ask if you want to pay...

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