Diversity is the key to our sucess

We are a collection of eCommerce, Marketing, Technology, Customer Service and Payments professionals with a mix of entrepreneurial and corporate backgrounds.



To create change in the world of cross border payments.

We want to make a difference, go above and beyond what is expected and to make the world of cross border eCommerce a creative place where we enable our merchants to offer a seamless, happy shopping experience for their customers wherever they are in the world, paying by whatever means they so desire.


To provide the best cross border payment solution possible whilst providing the very best in service and analysis to our merchants leading to radically improved payment performance.

The happiness of our customers, employees and suppliers will always be at the heart of everything we do.


1994- We launch as Newstel

1996- We invent payments through IVR touch tone, provessing over 7 million transactions over 500 lines

2000- We win the Scottish Enterprise awards for innovation

2002- We develop HTTVnet integrated home shopping from your TV, with instant purchase using your credit card

2008- We pioneer in premium rate billing, partnering with Shazam, BBC and ITV to provide solutions. We also launch our integrated e-commerce agency, encompassing web development, logistics, support & payments.

2015- We rebrand as LUUP, launching our new intelligent machine learning payment platform – The Vault

2017- We are here


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